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TalesThere are some similarities between Machiavelli's, »Qualities of the Prince,» and Arendt's, »Ideology and Terror.» Hannah Arendt's piece deals with governmental leadership using totalitarianism as its backbone. . There is a link between the unscrupulous manner Machiavelli proposes his prince should act, and the way of totalitarian rule&#3.

Atomized and Alienated Atomized and Alienated: The Place of This Way for the Gas, Ladies and Gentlemen in Hannah Arendt's Totalitarian ModelIn Totalitarianism, Hannah Arendt outlines the fundamental qualities that characterize and allow the rise of a totalitarian regime. . Arendt describes the atomization in Soviet society by referring to the purges and the .

Both Hannah Arendt and Alexis de Tocqueville provide criticism of the apparent shape freedom maintains in America as well as insight regarding how they perceive true political freedom. . Arendt has established civil rights as an entity separate from political freedom. . Arendt asserts »...that liberation may be the condition of freedom but by no m.

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