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Синоніми слова «подорож»

Study the synonyms and do the exercise follows that.

voyage is a long journey on a ship or in a spacecraft.

1. подорож (морське або повітряне); плавання, морський перехід; політ, переліт; рейс (судна, літака)

2. мандри; життєвий шлях

3. книга або розповідь про дорожні враження

подорож is th e act of travelling from one place to another, especially in a vehicle and over a long distance:

1. поїздка; подорож (преим. сухопутний)

2. рейс

trip is a journey that you make to a particular place. You go somewhere and come back again.

1) поїздка, подорож; екскурсія; рейс

2) похід, візит

3) відстань, покрываемое в ході однієї поїздки

travel is the activity of travelling. If you travel, you go from one place to another, often to a place that is far away.

  1. The post involves a considerable amount of foreign ***.
  2. Another pleasant *** is Malaga, 18 miles away.
  3. He was a young sailor on his first sea ***.
  4. The *** from England to India used to take six months.
  5. It’s a two-hour train *** from York to London.
  6. The *** from England to India used to take six months.
  7. We are going on a *** to a strange country.
  8. Did your wife accompany you on your *** to Tierra del Fuego?
  9. We broke our *** to have a picnic.
  10. The *** from York to Newcastle takes about an hour by train.
  11. I love going on long ***.
  12. Do you want to go on the school *** to France this year?
  13. I thought we might hire a motorboat and take a *** round/around the bay.
  14. It’s a 10-mile *** from the airport to the city centre.
  15. I was thinking we might go on a shopping *** to Oxford on Saturday.
  16. We share a love of literature, food and ***.
  17. The pass allows unlimited *** on all public transport in the city.
  18. We broke our *** to have a picnic.
  19. She’s away on a business *** and won’t be back until next week.
  20. The novel is based on his *** in India.
  21. These are the *** of the starship Enterprise.
  22. This year’s annual *** will be to Lincoln.
  23. …Radio 3’s latest *** into ethnic music, dance and literature…

Note: the key will be published soon.

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